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Lyrics for One Down 2 2 Go by Twista

Me stamina rock, me stamina rock, me stamina rock
Blood clot, I do not know
Why suckers say too fast I flow
'Oh' be the reply, I don't see why
It don't be fly just like a slow flow
Because I still can rock a show
Oh, the party jumps, I make the party jump
I pump the fist like this
With funky hypeness
And oh, I take you far, god
The dope Chicagod can rock a show well
Because I flow well, so won't ya go tell
I'm at the show where they do not respect Chicago MC's
I make them freeze like frozen chimneys
Step on the stage with my stage crew
Grippin the mic like Crazy Glue
And after that then what do I do?
Begin to drop, my funky hip-hop
They start to flock, my funky hip-hop
Their brains'll lock, my funky hip-hop
The way I rock, my funky hip-hop
Hip-hop, I rock the show
That's the 1st show of the 3 shows
I gotta flow - oh, 1 down, 2 2 go

I rock the 1st show
1 down, 2 2 go [8X]

Steppin up into a dancehall
I tell em, "Dance y'all"
They do not reply
Because they think me not be fly
But I'ma make em jump, I make the people jump
But I'ma make em jump, I make the people jump
I pump the fly rhyme that be my rhyme
That I'ma rock in the funky party with
They think I won't, but watch how fly the party get
They follow me, follow me, black, I'm not wick-wack
They follow me, follow me, black, I'm not wick-wack
MC's be ever so angry cause I step in the fortress
Then I rock the party because I rock everybody
They follow me, follow me mic chants
I tell the men 'say ho', they say 'ho'
Follow me mic chants
I tell the men 'say ho', they say 'ho'
A victim of the way I kick them flows
I chose 10 bros I picked from 10 shows to rock the 10 toes
I make the rhythm rough enough to make the feet scuff
Across the floors and rock them dirty drawers
I see your sweat pours, ya step with no flaws
I rock the second show with cuts like chainsaws
The mic is yours

I rock the 2nd show
2 down, 1 2 go [8X]

Me comin to flo-ow, oh-oh
It's time to rock a 3rd show
Flo-ow, oh-oh, it's time to rock a 3rd show
Me stamina rocks again
The tick-tocks of clocks again
Drops the men, they need some oxygen
If suckers think I'm wack I call em out like bingo
Or oo-uno cause I do know hip-hop judo and you know
The hip-hop chops rocks akis, don't drop no abc's
Cause I only drop these to drop knees
Please, dis a Chicagod, ya lose
Cause I can rock with stars and still get ahs and oohs
And voodoos choose to put me on tours, I rock like this
I rock a male and rock a female, ay y'all, pump the fist
Because I be rockin the funky words and cheers are heard
That be the 3rd show - 3 down, no mo' 2 go

I rock the 3rd show
3 down, no mo' 2 go [8X]

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