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Lyrics for Shes A Lady by Pulp

Are you trying to put me on? I turned around and it was gone.
Did I leave it in your car? On a table in a bar?
Or in your bed between the sheets? The places where we used to meet.
Wherever love has gone I need to know.
'Cos she's a woman,
Oh yeah, she's a woman.
Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma she's a lady.
And I just love the way she moves, the way she moves, Watch her.
When you left I didn't know how I was going to forget you.
I was hanging by a thread and then I met her.
Selling pictures of herself to German business men.
Well, that's all she wants to do.
Come on, come on. I don't want to try too hard.
I don't want to wait too long.
I don't want to live alone with all this crap that pulls me down.
Oh, tell me now, how would it feel if I could touch you once again.
Where have you gone, where have you gone.
The moon has gone down on the sun, Oh yeah.
I know that you're coming home.
You wouldn't leave me on my own.
Everybody can't you see, she's coming back to me.
Whilst you were gone I got along.
I didn't die, I carried on & I went drinking every night just so I could feel alright.
Stayed in bed all day to feel OK. I felt OK.
Oh I felt sick & tired, yes I did.
She lived at her father's place, played his records though they jumped.
Wore her body back to front.
I tried hard to make it work,
kissed her where she said it hurt but I was always underneath.
She's a woman...[etc.]
I don't know why you pretend that it causes you pain
When you know very well you're going to do it again.
You're going to do it again & again & again
but can you keep it going all nite long?
I know it's going to happen.
It might not be today.
It might not be tomorrow or even the day after but some time soon
You'll see, you're going to come back to me.
Whilst you were gone...etc.
Whilst you were gone I got along. I didn't die, I carried on.
Oh yeah I went with other women, what else can I say?
I guess I kind of missed you whilst you were away.
Whilst you were gone. (stop).

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