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Lyrics for Somewhere Someday by N Sync

The clouds above you start to pour
and all of your doubts rage like a storm
and you donít know who you are anymore
let me help you find what youíve been searching for

Somewhere thereís a field and a river
you can let your soul run free
Someday let me be the giver
let me bring you peace
Somewhere thereís a break in the weather
where your heart and spirit go free
Someday itíll be for the better
Let this bring you peace

Girl I know you think no one sees
the weight on your shoulders, but you canít fool me
and arenít you tired of standing so tall
let me be the one to catch you when you fall

Chorus (2x)

Let me bring you joy
bring you joy
Let me bring you peace
Bring you peace
take these tears that you cry
And trust them to me
Let me give you heart
give you heart
Let me give you hope
give you hope
Be the one constant love
that youíve never known



Let me be the one
Let me be the one
To catch you when you fall
Let me bring you peace

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